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JOB FILLED - Produce Buyer

Job Description: 

The Produce Buyer is responsible for procuring the highest quality and grade products at the best market cost. The Produce Buyer executes promotional program negotiations and daily supplier performance management. The responsibilities of this role also include following best practices in forecasting, inventory management, and proactive decision making with the support of the Senior Buyer.


  • Procures the best quality, specification, and grade produce at the best market price in adherence with contract and program expectations.
  • Processes purchase orders at the right quantity and frequency to properly manage inventory and ensure high fill rates and low unplanned forced allocations, while meeting expectations for product turns\freshness and low shrink.
  • Completes tasks and meets deadlines in updating items and costs, order guides and ad worksheets.
  • Supports problem resolution associated with inbound arrivals, inbound freight, excessive and aging inventory, and supplier performance including on time delivery\dock out, adherence to grade, specification expectations, low rejection rates, and store arrival issues.
  • Gathers and communicates relevant market information to produce procurement leadership.
  • Assists with gathering new and existing information and helps facilitate new item set up and maintenance processes.
  • Work directly with suppliers to facilitate collection of item, cost, and delivery information.

$85,000+/annual base
Confidential Job: 

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