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Employer Summary

Are you ready to work with a high energy, dynamic and fun group of people? Can you keep many “plates spinning on the poles” at the same time, all the while keeping your customers and internal team calm, happy and focused? Are you someone who gets stuff done? Do you know marketing, understand the agency side of the business and have strategic “spidey sense” about your clients’ needs, wants and direction? Are you “Uber Organized” and a team player?  If you have answered “yes” to all these questions, then you will want to speak to us about this opportunity in Monterey County.  For the right person, with the right attitude, skill set and experience, this is a very cool job and opportunity! For the wrong person, it would be like juggling cats. (ouch!)
You’ll be working with a dynamic and energetic leader and team. Your ideas are heard and used. Your clients and projects are interesting, diverse and never ending. Amidst the work, we like to laugh, have fun and enjoy the creative nature of our business. So, if we still have your interest, then check out everything that this opportunity entails and what we’re seeking in the ideal candidate.