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Employer Summary

LaBrucherie Irrigation Supply is the Imperial Valley’s complete source for water solutions. 

From agricultural, to industrial.  From sod and plants to plumbing, pool supplies, pumps and turf needs.  Whether it’s for your own yard or your large farming operation, we can supply you with the hardware for all your irrigation and water management needs. 

LaBrucherie Irrigation Supply has one of the nicest stores in the industry. Our location is large and open to the public. We do not stock the majority of our items in a warehouse that is unavailable to browse. At LaBrucherie Irrigation Supply we allow you to look through the fittings, valves and other items that you may want to look at before buying. The store is always clean, there is always someone available to help you and the inventory and customer experience are unmatched in the valley. If you have an irrigation project in mind, LaBrucherie Irrigation Supply's storefront will get you everything you need to get working.