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Employer FAQs

We've updated our site and made a few changes, find out more here.
Visit our Post a Job page for more details, or just simply call or email us! All we need to get started is a copy of your job description, a brief company profile, and your company logo. Email sales@joeproduce.com or call 1-855-563-7763.
To close your job, simply email info@joeproduce.com or call 855-JOE-PRODUCE (855-563-7763) and let us know the position has been filled.
An invoice will be emailed to you shortly after your job is posted on our website. We also accept credit card payments via PayPal. Just ask for this option.
If this occurs, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing sales@joeproduce.com or calling 855-JOE-PRODUCE. We will resolve the issue and email your resume to you as soon as we can.
Each time a candidate applies to your job​(s) you will receive an email, which allows you to view the new resume. You can also visit our website and view all resumes in one location on your Employer Dashboard. You must be logged into our site with your employer account username and password to view the resumes in your Employer Dashboard.
Use the username and password that was emailed to you when our team set up your account the first time you posted a job on our site. If you no longer have this information just contact us and we’ll assist you in accessing your account.
To view your Employer Dashboard you must be logged in with your company's username and password. If you received a New Resume email from us and clicked the link inside, you'll see an empty dashboard if you’re not logged in. If you’re currently logged in to your account and your dashboard is empty, this means you have not yet received any resumes for your job posting(s) or you are logged into the wrong account. Your username and password are emailed to you in the Welcome e-mail that is sent after your posting is published.
Yes, we send an email each time a candidate applies with a resume to your job posting(s). The email includes two options to view the resume: 1) Click on a download link to open the resume directly, or 2) click on the link to your Employer Dashboard to view the resume on our site (you must be logged in to our site to access your dashboard).
Your username and password were initially set up by our team when you posted your first job on our site. We sent this information to you via email at that time, but if you need assistance with these credentials please contact us for help.
Sometimes candidates will apply for the same position multiple times for various reasons. You can delete duplicate resumes from your Employer Dashboard by clicking the 'remove' button in the far right column if needed.
Branded is always best, but if you need to keep your job opportunity confidential then by all means it’s okay.
You must be logged in to our site with your employer account username and password to view the resumes in your Employer Dashboard. The username and password would have been set up by our team the first time you posted a job on our site and sent to you via email. If you need us to send you these credentials, feel free to contact us.
The Employer Dashboard is a useful feature on our website that allows employers to make the resume review process quick & easy. Employers can view ALL resumes in one location that have been submitted to their open positions. They can preview resumes within the Employer Dashboard, delete resumes, assign star ratings to candidates, and manage the pre-employment assessment process.
All of our clients who post jobs on our website will have their job opportunities featured in our Job Alerts newsletter that goes out to 35,000+ produce industry professionals 3x per week.
Yes! For a reasonable fee, our technical writers are happy to assist you with any writing needs, from job descriptions to company profiles.
Yes! For a reasonable fee, our technical writers are happy to assist you with your writing needs. Whether you need to rewrite an old job description or create one from scratch, our experts are ready to help.
On an average business day you can expect to see your job posting on our website within a few hours of providing us with the required information. However, if you contact us after 4:00 PM, your job posting may be posted the following morning.
If your company is open to publicizing the salary range or other compensation information, we think it’s helpful. Candidates generally want to know if the opportunity fits their needs. Listing the salary range, bonus, commission structure, or hourly rate can be beneficial in attracting the right kind of candidates. Ultimately the decision rests with your organization.