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Employer Summary

Old-fashioned family values. Commitment to quality. Honest-to-goodness freshness.

These wholesome standards have been fundamental to the Perricone family since the beginning. Back in 1935, a 15-year-old Sam Perricone went to work to help support his family. Hard work and his enterprising attitude proved successful; by the late 1940s the Sam Perricone Citrus Co. Inc. was the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruit. But Sam was not done yet...

In 1961, Sam Perricone opened two shops in the heart of Disneyland. “Sunkist Citrus House” on Disneyland’s Main Street and “Sunkist I Presume” in Adventureland, across from the world famous Jungle Cruise. For decades park guests, celebrities, even Walt Disney himself were refreshed by our delicious, fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemonade while enjoying the park.

In 1995, Sam, along with his oldest son, Joe, opened a juice processing plant in Beaumont, California. Their collaboration solidified the family-owned company as a marketplace leader. Growing up in the family business, a third generation of Perricones–Joe’s son, Joe Jr., and his nephew, Sammy–joined the team. The family has continued their work of supplying the public with real honest-to-goodness juices from a company with old-fashioned family values.

In 2010, the addition of Joe’s friend and business partner, Bob Rovzar, as CEO has helped grow the company to even greater success. Over the years, the growth of the company has been a direct reflection of the continued hard work by all employees and their commitment to the quality and freshness of our delicious juices.

We’re a family business spanning three generations, but the Perricone family reaches much further. From management, to the men and women in the groves who know just when to pick the fruit (at its sweetest), to the folks in the extracting and bottling plants. It’s this extended family who has allowed us to grow from humble beginnings to the largest manufacturer of fresh-squeezed juice in the Western United States. They are the backbone of this company. At Perricone, “we” will always be greater than “me” because it takes a family to keep the wheels turning, and to deliver the best tasting juices to you and your family. We all take a lot of pride in our extremely high-quality juices. Honest-to-goodness freshness from our farm to your table.