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Employer Introduction

Accu-Label is recognized as the industry leader in fruit labeling technology, providing the most reliable, cost effective and eco-friendly fruit labeling solutions since 2001. Our internationally patented ORB-it® high-speed labeling systems have proven to outperform all other fruit labeling systems by: providing the highest label application rate on wet and fuzzy produce; producing the least amount of damage or bruising to soft produce; and, being the most reliable equipment with user serviceable plug-and-play design. Our Labels are constructed from high-quality bio-degradable PAPER on a recyclable PET liner. The first solution supplied by Accu-Label in 2001 was the ORB-it® Vision Labeller™, a high-speed tray labeler that achieves over 90% label application on the (TOV) cluster Tomato body. Since 2008, the ORB-it® G-2 Print and Apply labeling system has proven to be the most successful on-demand label printing solution, and the patented Waste Liner Rewind design has reduced operator maintenance by 90%. Along with Ag-Tronic Control Systems Inc., we provide total packaging and automation solutions for customers across Canada, The United States and Mexico.