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Employer Introduction

We enable small and local participants along the food chain to combine and create scale in demand, supply and fulfillment capabilities. For commercial and institutional buyers, procurement processes via the Aggrigator platform can now be efficiently routed through an online marketplace, which facilitates and simplifies the discovery of high quality local fresh produce, creating value for all stakeholders. Our offline network then ensures timely delivery and the peace of mind that all our produce is both local, compliant and traceable throughout the supply chain and back to source.

Buyers seeking to source a wide range of quality fresh local produce now have a single point of contact to access numerous small local farmers, thereby increasing the range and quantity of produce they can buy, whilst reducing the heavy transactional burden of dealing with multiple suppliers. Buyers can also benefit from accounts payable financing as well as full product traceability right back to the field, essential for health and safety peace of mind.

Farmers we work with have a unique opportunity to access rapidly growing demand markets. They benefit from the predictable markets and fast payment mechanisms through Aggrigator’s workflow, tools, and processes which enable and provide buyer discovery, traceability, and risk mitigation, including insurance and financial services.

Backed by investors, who have created ethical and World leading companies in the billions of dollars across finance, insurance and technology industries, our experienced team has renowned expertise for innovation in Supply Chain, Fresh Produce, Agricultural, Computer and Physical Sciences. Our mission is to connect the multi-billion dollar fragmented fresh produce industry using the cutting edge e-commerce innovations.