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Agro Trading International

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Employer Introduction

Agro Trading International, the marketing arm of major Central American melon/tropical producers, is headquartered in South Florida. 

Agro Trading International’s shareholders produce over 3 million boxes of cantaloupe, honeydews and mini watermelons, 1.7 million boxes of mangos, 500,000 boxes of papaya and hothouse tomatoes.

All production is GFSI and GlobalGap certified from farm to packinghouse to distribution center in South Florida in conjunction with a full traceability program.

Agro Trading is a vertically integrated growing, packing and  marketing company.  We believe through working direct with the source can the unfiltered exchange of information create true and long lasting partnerships. The goal being,  the producer understanding  and striving to meet the needs of the customer and the customer increasing margin and market share through a better understanding of production challenges and opportunities.