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Welcome to Associated Potato Growers...

At Associated Potato Growers, our farmer-owned cooperative grows and ships the best-tasting, top quality, superior potatoes in the Midwest. Located in the heart of the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota, we raise red and yellow flesh potatoes in the rich soil of our scenic valley, watered with the natural rainfall that occurs in our area. Our three facilities represent more than 20 active growers and 6000 acres supplying the freshest potatoes to customers throughout the United States.

Associated Potato Growers has a long history of delivering the best potatoes to wholesalers across the nation. We pack, process and ship our products with the care and commitment that we’ve maintained since our co-op was formed in 1948. For more than 50 years our farmers have worked hard to exceed the expectations of our customers and expand the horizons of our industry.

As one of the largest fresh potato cooperatives in the Midwest, quality has always been our main concern. We continue to update our plants and storage facilities to keep up with the demands of the current market. That’s why we've invested in the latest technology to keep our storage facilities at the proper temperature and humidity throughout the storage season, so our potatoes are guaranteed to be perfect any time of year. We love our potatoes just as much as we love our customers, and we’re excited about the future of our industry!

Our Area...

The Grand Forks/East Grand Forks area is a place for families to grow and learn together, where families play ball in the backyard and kids rollerblade in the streets. The area is a place for families to thrive and inspire.

People are a little kinder here. Neighbors are happy to lend each other a hand, and strangers say hello. Families are a little stronger here, too. It’s all thanks to a community spirit that brings our cities together for many unique celebrations like First Night and Cats Incredible and events like Art Fest and the Potato Bowl. It’s a better place, thanks to the people.
We invite you to experience it for yourself. Welcome to picture-perfect neighborhoods, where turnof-the-century Victorian homes meet modern architecture. Clean streets lie under broad canopies of shade trees. Children still open lemonade stands and adults actually still stop to buy a glass. We cherish our safe communities. We believe that, in a place where neighborhoods are still neighborly, the American dream really can come true. And its afforable too! Our communities offer an environment with the great amenities offered in larger urban areas and the safety and convenience of a small community.