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Employer Introduction

Welcome to Awe Sum Organics!

Awe Sum Organics, a mission based independent organic produce company, has earned a reputation for quality, service and integrity by consistently meeting the needs of our diverse customer base, while supporting the ongoing vitality of our grower partners worldwide. We strive to create long term synergistic supply chain relationships where all parties can grow and thrive. In collaboration with our partners in the field, we work tirelessly to ensure that a fresh, bountiful supply of delicious organic non-GMO fruit is always on store shelves near you. Simultaneously we work to support the communities that we source from, as well as our own, by participating in Fair Trade USA, as well as a number of local organizations here in our hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.

Founded in 1985,  Awe Sum Organics has been a leader in the organic movement. The company was instrumental in establishing channels between growers in the Southern Hemisphere and the organic produce market in North America and continues to innovate today, with grower partnerships in the Northern Hemisphere as well. A pioneer in the industry, CEO and founder David Posner began selling organic produce before any organic certifying agencies had been founded. All of our fruit is grown organically, and current programs include table grapes, kiwifruit, pears, citrus, blueberries and apples. You can find Awe Sum Organics produce in over 10,000 quality food stores in the United States and Canada.

Our Mission Statement:
Awe Sum Organics is dedicated to furthering global sustainability through organic, non-GMO agriculture. Since 1985, we have remained devoted to providing the best tasting, freshest organic fruit through authentic farming that respects the soil, our water and our planet. In partnership with our extraordinary growers, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and keep soils healthy for future generations. Our guiding principle is integrity, both in our products and our business practices. We are committed to ensuring fair, sustainable returns for our family of growers, and improving the quality of life in our global community.