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We're Bringing Some Seriously Fresh Thinking to Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes grown in New England. Year-round. That’s what we do. Plain and simple. Sure, tomatoes have been grown in New England in the summer. But never 365 days a year. Until now, folks from Cape Cod to Boston to Vermont to New York had to rely on produce from far away that ripened on a truck. Today, thanks to our greenhouse in Madison, Maine, tomato lovers all over the Northeast can enjoy fresh Tomatoes on the Vine all year long.

What’s the secret to our freshness? Backyard Farms tomatoes stay on the vine until the last possible second to ensure maximum ripeness. Our team of personal gardeners care for their rows of tomatoes with a sense of pride. And pick them only when red and ripe. Then they’re whisked off to the store—never more than a day’s drive away. We invite you to explore our passion for tomatoes and to taste the difference for yourself.