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Bear Flag Robotics

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Employer Introduction


Bear Flag Robotics was founded to reduce the cost of growing food while increasing global food production through automation technology. We build best-in-class autonomous technology for agriculture equipment. Despite our engineering advancements, we know that the growers we work with are buying value, not technology. Bear Flag strives to deliver safe, productive and efficient farming operations for the next generation of growers. 

Command and Control
Bear Flag tractors are commanded from a central Mission Control. Operators at Mission Control have real-time information about everything happening on a tractor, from engine health to time-to-completion. In addition to real time telemetry, Mission Control operators also have access to real time 360º live video feeds. This means that no matter what happens in the field, operators will be able to take control of the situation. 

Bear Flag Robotics uses state of the art technology to give tractors redundant 360° situational awareness. Agricultural environments are harsh and unforgiving. Our tractors are able to monitor their environment with a superhuman ability, seeing and tracking objects no single human operator could. In addition to safer operations Bear Flag technology also monitors implements and tractor health, ensuring that faults are quickly relayed to the operator.

Path Generation
Fields are rarely identical, from unique shapes to infield obstacles like well heads. Bear Flag’s path generation technology accommodates all types of fields. Additionally, paths can be optimized for time to completion or increased implement overlap, giving operators total control.