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Employer Summary

Leading an Exciting Industry

Have you ever walked down the grocery store aisle and wondered how products are packaged? Who produced the labels? Who designed the cartons? What is this bright, flexible packaging? You may not think twice about it, but there’s a whole industry devoted to just that. And, Belmark leads the way.

We Do What’s Right

“Label Solutions to Business Problems®” is a tagline we don’t take lightly. We help customers save money and gain a competitive edge, and we do that using honest communication and savvy insight.

Being Different Is Good

People, products, work ethic, and customers—all working together—define us, separate us, and drive us to excellence.

Belmark’s DNA

Our unique culture and shared understanding of doing what is right create our DNA. It’s neither easily matched nor imitated, but it can be experienced.

Solid Principles. A Strong Foundation.

Focused on efficiency, enthusiasm, and personal service, Bruce Bell founded Belmark on the ability to deliver high quality and quick turnaround.

• Value • Organization • Cleanliness • Friendliness •

First it was the fingerprint, and now it is DNA testing that makes possible the identification of an individual. But what about the company?

Often people have asked me how I would describe Belmark? What makes us different from other competitive companies? So many in our industry have the same type of equipment and methods of operation, yet each is different. It’s the “difference” a company offers that prospects and customers are looking for. What is that difference?

At Belmark, we believe we are different because of our people and our position in the marketplace. It’s called culture, and it’s our type of culture that both our employees and customers appreciate. They like it so much that we have worked together and have grown the company more than 4 times the industry average for over 40 years.

We provide fast, friendly, caring, and dependable service. That statement begins to sum up our people and what we are trying to do. We work with our customers to provide label solutions to business problems. We offer full graphics and technical expertise to assist customers and prospects with the design and construction of their pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging, and folding carton needs.

What identifies Belmark as a special company is the unique mix of people, products, work ethic, and customers working together to make a difference. This becomes a long-lasting relationship. Try us and discover our DNA!