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Blue Ribbon Frozen Foods

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Employer Introduction

Blue Ribbon Frozen Foods has been family owned and managed since 2008. We are the “Frozen” IQF processor/packer for the Muzzi Family Farm’s group of fresh and frozen processing and sales companies.  

The Muzzi Family has been involved in the agriculture industry on California’s central coast since 1964 when Dominic Muzzi Sr. and his wife Martha began growing fresh vegetables in the Moss Landing area. Business wasn’t the only thing growing for the Muzzis, as Dominic Jr., and then Lisa, were born into the family. “Junior” and Lisa grew up helping out and learning the business from an early age.

As their farming operation grew, a roadside produce stand was added in 1975 and then, in 1984, Watsonville Produce, Inc. was formed to handle cooling, sales and shipping of vegetables grown on area farms.

As Watsonville Produce’s reputation for food safety, quality and customer service spread, their business grew, and expanded processing facilities were opened in Moss Landing and Yuma, Arizona. In 2007, the Muzzi’s also became managing partners of Blue Ribbon Frozen Foods, LLC in Watsonville to process, freeze and pack locally grown vegetables.

Through the years, Watsonville Produce and Blue Ribbon Frozen Foods, LLC relied on its co-pack relationships with other shippers for the bulk of their sales volumes. In 2012, the family decided to expand again, and Muzzi Family Farms, LLC was formed to sell fresh and frozen produce processed by the family businesses.