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Boskovich Farms, Inc.

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Boskovich Farms - A Brief History

1915: Stephen Boskovich began farming in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, and he sold his crops at the Los Angeles Wholesale Market. He and his wife, Eva had five children that all grew up helping out on the home ranch.

1940's: Two of Stephen's sons, John and George, returned home from World War II and began working for their brother Phillip, who had been growing green onions and carrots on 7 acres of land. Eventually, the three brothers formed Boskovich Brothers Produce Growers.

1960's: The Boskovich brothers moved their farming operation to Newhall/Saugus, California, growing green onions exclusively on a 145 acre ranch owned by Newhall Land and Farming Co. The brothers developed a steady and profitable business delivering to Los Angeles-based customers.

1970's: Three of Stephen's grandsons: George, Jr., Philip, Jr. and Joe, joined the family business, became partners, and formed Boskovich Farms, Inc. After growing green onions for 25 years, economic reasons dictated that they should expand the family business. The company planned a combination of mixed vegetables which they believed fit well with green onions and were mutually compatible for loading and shipping. These crops included: radishes, parsley, cilantro, kale, table beets, and leeks.

1980's: The consolidation for products and steady supplies available year-round attracted many new customers, and the continuing success encouraged the family to broaden its product line even more. By the mid 1980's, Boskovich Farms was producing over 30 different vegetable crops, twelve months of the year, from four locations in California, Arizona and Mexico.

1990's: The fresh produce industry was rapidly changing, as technology allowed better results with fresh-cut vegetables. In response, the company purchased an established fresh-cut processing facility, which became Boskovich Fresh-Cut. This processing division enabled the company to provide top quality value-added products for retail and foodservice, and has become the company's most rapidly growing product line.

2004: The company consolidates its headquarters and fresh-cut facility into one location at 711 Diaz Ave., in Oxnard and builds a new processing facility to accommodate fresh-cut product growth. The move allows loading both commodity and fresh-cut products at one location.