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A Man With An Idea

October 5, 1949, it was the first day of the 1949 World Series between the Dodgers and the Yankees.  Kay Caldwell gave birth to their first child and the Yankees won the first game of the World Series they would win 4 games to 1.  On that same day Jack Caldwell shredded some cabbage in his kitchen sink, loaded it into poly bags and took them down to the local market for retail sale.  He convinced the manager that people would want to buy produce that is already cut, cleaned and ready to eat.  With that modest beginning a new industry began which exploded into the multi-billion dollar processed produce industry.

Several years later Jack's father, Harry, joined the business as they located on Central avenue in Los Angeles just two blocks from the old Wholesale Produce Market.  The line quickly expanded into cabbage salad, coleslaw, chop suey vegetables, carrot sticks and celery sticks.

Several years later the Caldwell's began growing mung bean sprouts in a state of the art hydroponic facility.  Growth necessitated a move to a larger facility in 1978 and again in 2000.  Caldwell and Sons had expanded into a wide variety of products and had moved from mung bean sprouts to one of the region's premier alfalfa sprouters.

In 1980, Jack's eldest son Harry joined the business and several years later another son, Duke, came onboard.  Both Harry and Duke had established careers elsewhere before joining their dad.  Harry as a law professor and Duke as a fire captain.  In 1993 Jack added Maurie Thomas to the family to coordinate sales.  Maurie whose experience was in machine parts took to the produce business and within a short period of time was one of the most popular and visible figures in the Southern California produce industry.

In 2007, Caldwell purchased a site in nearby Maywood and constructed a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art processing facility.  From the new facility, Caldwell Fresh Foods blossomed into a full line processor for both retail and wholesale consumption with an emphasis on food safety.  Caldwell's HAACP food safety program is a model program which assures both quality and safety.

The story of Caldwell Fresh Foods is much more than business expansion and larger and more efficient facilities, it is about the family atmosphere.  An atmosphere that nurtures relationships, an atmosphere that fosters commitment from the most senior to the most junior.  Caldwell Fresh Foods recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of Juan Perez.  Seven others have been with Caldwell Fresh Foods for better than 35 years.  Caldwell Fresh Foods is also proud of the number of children of longtime employees who have graduated from prestigious colleges and universities and have gone on to become productive and important members of our society.

In late 2009 Caldwell Fresh Foods was proud to expand corporate ownership to include current employees;  Luz Martinez, Rosa Robles, and Danny Gamino.  All rewarded for their longtime commitment, loyalty and industry.