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Founded in 1998, California Olive Ranch® is America’s largest grower and producer of extra virgin olive oil. A privately held company, our vision is to be the global leader in the production of EVOO using a unique and innovative planting, harvesting and milling process that produces the freshest, most flavorful EVOO available on the market.

Headquartered in Chico, CA near the Sierra Nevada foothills, California Olive Ranch pioneered a relatively new, innovative farming method from Spain called "Super High Density Planting.” Using this system, over a million Spanish and Greek varietal olive trees grow in hedge rows 570-670 trees per acre vs. traditional plantings of 100-150 trees per acre.

High speed harvesting machines are used to rapidly pick the fruit in minutes what traditionally takes hours or days to do by hand then deliver it to our state-of-the art milling facilities. California Olive Ranch operates an SQF certified milling facility, company owned ranches and works with over 70 grower partners throughout California's Sacramento Valley and Central Valley.