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Cecelia Packing Corporation

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Employer Introduction

Premium Citrus, Premium Service

Cecelia Packing Corporation is a top grower, packer, shipper and marketer of premium California citrus. We farm over 60% of our fruit and represent over 4,500 acres in one of California's finest citrus regions.

Our diverse product line includes premium Navels, Valencias, Minneola Tangelos, Tangerines, and Grapefruit. Along with established varieties, we are constantly evaluating new varieties and root stocks in order to keep our variety mix on the leading edge of the industry.

We also offer a variety of specialty programs, with offerings such as Cara Cara Pink Navels, our kid-friendly Dimples Mandarins brand, and Sky Valley Heirloom Navels that hearken back to the glory days of California citrus.

Our philosophy is simple: we honor our commitments and we stand behind our product in all phases of production. Whether it is our acreage or one of our growers, we treat each acre and each carton as though it is our own.  Year after year, we hold the industry's highest ratings for integrity and ability.

Our orchards are among the finest in the industry, utilizing cutting edge techniques and technology. From state-of-the-art irrigation systems with computer analysis of water levels, to sophisticated leaf analysis, to frost-warning temperature sensors and wind machines, we take pride in maintaining the health of our trees, conserving precious resources, and growing the finest premium California citrus fruit possible.