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Employer Summary

Cedar Mill Farms (CMF) is on track to be a modern organic produce company with state of the art equipment being installed and upgraded to grow and deliver organic vegetables of the highest quality, year round. Founded in 2015, the company has nearly 4 acres of greenhouse with a nursery and wood chip boiler for heat. The total size of the site is 175 acres, we are currently employing 2 employees, expanding to 8 or as necessary. Our plan is to specialize in organic Tomatoes-on-the-vine and English cucumbers, with other produce as dictated by our buyers.

CMF is at an elevation of 3,000 feet with ideal year round sunshine. The property is located in a beautiful wooded valley and includes 40 acres of flat tillable land and forested mountain side with cleared logging decks, 2 ponds and a 3 acre lake.

Our team will spare no effort in the nutritional value of our product. At CMF, we strongly believe that there is a demand for quality locally produced organic produce for the California area and we desire to fulfill that need..