Collaborative for Fresh Produce

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Employer Summary

The COLLABORATIVE FOR FRESH PRODUCE (CFP) is a non-profit organization partnering with commercial farmers and food banks to efficiently collect and distribute donations of imperfect and surplus produce to food banks and the hungry families they serve. 
Food Banks Are At The Heart Of Addressing Hunger In Our Communities
Balancing the needs of the non-profit agencies and people they serve is a challenge - but the Collaborative for Fresh Produce can help. 
The Collaborative can be an additional and affordable sourcing option to help increase the flow of produce from farmers to food banks. Food banks access produce from the Collaborative and cover harvesting, transportation and processing costs. On average, the cost to obtain produce from the Collaborative is 14 cents per pound, much lower than other sources.
Hunger Is Everywhere
Farming areas are scattered across the country, but hunger is everywhere. Let’s work together to give more people access to the fresh produce needed to support a healthy lifestyle. Join us in fighting hunger by fighting food waste!