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Welcome to Colorful Harvest...

Colorful Harvest is one of the fastest growing produce companies on the West Coast, known for uniquely colorful heirloom style fresh vegetables, delicious year round strawberries, melons, and more.

Growing crops for the fresh market with an emphasis on color, taste and nutrition (instead of growing strictly for production volume) …that is the guiding philosophy behind Colorful Harvest.  

A company with one foot in farming tradition, and the other in innovation…that is the Colorful Harvest vision.  

Offering uniquely colorful, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables for improved nutritional diversity …that is the Colorful Harvest promise. 

"We want to grow fresh produce for taste, color and nutrition. We want to appeal to kids, families and chefs alike, and we want to have fun along the way. That is our mission." said Doug Ranno, the original founding partner and Senior Chief Operating Officer of Colorful Harvest.

The Colorful Harvest family of products includes Ruby Jewel sweet RED corn, purple-orange and green cauliflower, and Rainbow CrunchTM carrots (5 colors in every bag), delicious strawberries available year round, melons, and more.