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Coosemans L.A. Shipping, Inc.

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Employer Introduction

It all began in the back of a Cadillac. In the late 1970s, Herman Van den Broeck was a partner in a diamond importing business. As it turned out, the late 70s weren’t a good time for diamonds. But the Belgium-born entrepreneur, along with Los Angeles natives Alan Pollack and Dale Firman found something else to import that would ultimately be more valuable—Belgian endive. Herman would pick up the shipment at Los Angeles International Airport when it came in from Europe, load it into the back of his Cadillac and sell directly to high-end restaurants. Before long they were also bringing in colorful bell peppers—highly exotic for the time—from Belgium and so their specialty produce business began.

The original Coosemans LA Shipping logo was reflective of our founders’ roots in the diamond trade and the global scope of the company’s sourcing capabilities. In the mid eighties, Coosemans Los Angeles set up an additional shipping warehouse as a separate company from our Los Angeles Wholesale Market operations. This new facility launched Coosemans LA Shipping with the capacity to focus on the unique requirements of our customers throughout North America.

Coosemans LA Shipping is now a leader in providing uncommon produce to the foodservice and retail marketplace. When a container or a mixed pallet is shipped, whether it’s heirloom tomatoes, specialty lettuces or baby kiwi, it’s still “diamonds”.