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Coral Beach Farms

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Employer Introduction

Coral Beach Farms is a family farm owned by David and Laura Geen. We are the fourth generation of the Geen family raising fruit in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia; a tradition started by C.H. Geen who planted orchards here in 1904. Fruit growing is in our blood. We have the passion, and the intimate knowledge of the area's soils and climates, needed to coax the finest possible cherries from our orchards.

We are supported by a dedicated and talented staff who are as committed to the success of our farms as we are. Coral Beach Farms currently has over 675 acres of cherries in production, and to meet increasing demand, we have planted additional acreage, and have expectations to double our production capcity over the next 5 years. We are proud of our reputation in the marketplace, and our contributions to our community, and look forward to the tradition sustaining itself with future generations of our family.
We are blessed to raise our cherries in one of the most scenic corners of the world!
What we want to achieve
We consider it our mission to be the "first choice" supplier of customers demanding premium quality cherries throughout the months of July, August, and September. We firmly believe that providing consistent premium fruit, available over a longer season, will attract a new following of devoted cherry lovers; to the benefit of all the stakeholders of Coral Beach Farms including our customers, our employees, and the final consumer.