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Employer Summary

Quality is what Country Fresh Mushroom Co. is all about: quality people, quality growers, quality mushrooms and, always, quality service.

Established in 1925, Country Fresh is the only cooperative of independent mushroom farms in the United States.

Our seven co-op farms have been family-owned for three generations or more. With that kind of history comes solid experience. Much has changed over the years, but what remains a constant is the commitment to quality shared by every one of our owners.

Today, we are one of the nation’s most trusted mushroom suppliers, delivering fresh mushrooms to a diverse customer base throughout the United States.

Our promise begins and ends with quality. With safety procedures integrated into every step, from growing straight through inspection, packing and shipping – we can assure our customers that our mushrooms meet the highest safety and quality standards every day.

Country Fresh’s growers were among the first to implement Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices (MGAPs). The commodity-specific MGAP audit was developed by the USDA and is national in scope. All seven of the Country Fresh farms have passed the MGAP audits and our food safety team has set up in-house training to ensure all aspects of the audits are consistently upheld.

We are continuously implementing the latest technology and equipment available. Our facilities are some of the most innovative and trusted in the industry. Mushrooms are harvested, inspected, packed to order and shipped within a day. And with stringent quality standards in place, our customers are guaranteed to receive fresh, top-quality mushrooms every time.

As new family members enter the business and our farms continue to undergo expansions and renovations, our reputation continues to grow.