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Employer Summary

Crown Jewels started in 1989 with a commitment to growing and marketing a full line of premium fresh fruits and vegetables. We have formed a completely integrated team of growers, packers, cold storage and retailers to bridge the gap between grower and consumer. Our diverse commodities are available year round from California, Arizona, Peru, Chile, Spain and Mexico. We provide buyers with optimum shelf life while giving consumers the flavor and eye appeal they demand. For the convenience of our customers we also provide IS integration compatibility and utilize I-trade, Agribuys, EDI-B2B and E-commerce.

Our marketing expertise has helped us to establish strategic partnerships and create satisfying business relationships to pursue agreed upon goals and meet critical business needs. The result: high quality products and consistent returns for growers. With a strong and growing market share, we have come to symbolize the very best produce and the very best marketing program the industry has to offer.
We at Crown Jewels provide the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables in the industry that meet or exceed all expectations of the consumer. We maximize our competitive advantage by establishing strategic alliances with premier growers and strong business partnerships with our retailers.
Crown Jewels has formed strategic partnerships with some of the most diligent and productive growers from California, Arizona, Peru, Chile, Spain and Mexico. Our growers are knowledgeable in all modern farming practices including food safety protocols and sustainability. Multiple years of experience have provided us with extensive knowledge of grower relations and we take pride in upholding our grower reputations.