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Employer Introduction

DiMare Fresh is as fresh as it gets.

The creation of DiMare Fresh in 2003, and the subsequent development and integration with other DiMare companies, has provided a critical link in the company’s supply chain. The DiMare Companies’ first 83 years have been filled with excitement, risks and untold lessons of what does and does not work in our industry. Because of our vertically integrated structure and expertise in the industry, we proudly continue to enhance our operational and strategic benefits. Our outstanding team continues to grow and learn as we explore new ways to serve our customers.

DiMare Farms
By developing and utilizing advancements in technology, we remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry and are proud of our approach to farming and packing.

State-of-the-art ripening and cooling facilities enhance our superior food safety programs. Since the early days of developing the growth of mid-winter tomatoes and vegetables in Florida, we have always viewed staying on the cutting edge of technology as a critical factor in our success. Many in our organization are involved in various aspects of the industry and invest significantly in development and research. Always learning, we are actively involved with agricultural departments at major universities. Through the University of Florida and University of California, we work with key seed companies across the country.
We have always been pioneers in the tomato industry, from our innovations such as frost protection irrigation systems, plastic mulch and large drip irrigation to our current utilization of virtual impermeable film. The DiMare Companies have always been leaders in developing new and improved practices, including disease model forecasting and analysis of weather prediction to conserve water. We promote advances in socially responsible use of pesticides and became the first high-tech vegetable farm with moisture-sensory computer technology. Even with all of the advancements, we still hand pick each item to ensure the highest quality.

The industry and our customers’ needs are constantly changing. We believe that through the dynamic changes within our company and our underlying commitment to strong ethics and values, we are well positioned to continue to successfully grow and meet our customers’ needs as the industry continues to evolve.

DiMare Fresh Packing/Distribution

We are continually upgrading our facilities, systems and equipment with state-of-the-art technology. We believe the expertise of our people in the intricacies of the industry is second to none. Today, we are focused on enhancing the Company’s core commodities. We specialize in a full line of tomatoes including rounds, romas, grapes and tomatoes on the vine.  Although our specific product mix varies by location, we carry a wide assortment of other fresh produce items such as bell peppers, cucumbers, squash, onions, potatoes, avocados, lettuce, broccoli, celery, bananas, berries, citrus and Hispanic items .  At DiMare Fresh we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality produce at a consistent value.  Because of our diverse customer base, we are able to attain consistent value for our customers through optimal crop utilization. We continue to expand the company’s related offerings of full-line produce through wholesale and retail distribution, while maintaining our focus on food service operations in several locations.

Advanced Technology & Systems

A monitored chlorinated wash system removes bacteria or pathogens prior to grading and sorting. To properly sort tomatoes, the Compac machine takes approximately 30 pictures per tomato as product passes through the line. The automated sorter then sorts by grade, size and color to improve the consistency of each box of tomatoes.

State-of-the-Art Refrigeration & Ripening Rooms

State-of-the-art ripening / refrigerated coolers equipped with advanced air circulation systems maintain product at optimum temperatures. The push-back racking systems also dramatically improve the operating efficiencies and inventory control of the warehouse.

Refrigerated Docks
Our refrigerated docks and bulkhead insulation ensure that product maintains the proper temperature as it flows in and out of the warehouse.


Product is primarily transported on our company-owned modern fleet that meets or exceeds safety standards. We utilize the latest technology in temperature control and monitoring to ensure proper cold-chain management. Additionally, the air-ride suspension reduces the impact on product.