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D&J Packing

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Employer Introduction

D&J Packing was founded in 1997 by Jon and Dorothy Giannini, and is now a leading produce harvesting company offering a full range of labor services.  We pride ourselves in having the best machinery and staff to better serve our customers.  D&J Packing offers packing and hauling to growers and shippers in the Salinas Valley, Huron and Yuma Arizona areas.  In addition to harvest, pack, and haul we strive for a quality pack and can provide all levels of food safety requirements.

D&J Packing’s goal is to consistently provide our customers with premium packs and superior customer service that meets or exceeds their quality and value expectations. D&J Packing proudly dedicates to meet all challenges and opportunities to be leaders in quality, innovation, as well as customer and employee relations.  D&J Packing is committed to simply being the best in product quality, value and safety, customer service, and employee relations.