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We have a history of supplying the freshest and finest fruits and vegetables

DLJ was founded in 1993 by three prominent produce professionals. Their experience in wholesale and retail procurement, merchandising and operations total nearly 150 years. We know how much the freshest produce means to your business and we are committed to bringing that quality to you. Our award winning track record of resourcing and supplying fresh produce to retail and foodservice markets is known throughout the world.

If it’s the freshest and the finest, then it must be DLJ’s blueberries, cherries, citrus, grapes, potatoes and onions. Our history of supplying the best produce, means you get all the best choices, the most creative solutions, and unfailing customer service…

We are all about being fast, fresh and safe. We are right where you need us to be.
Our headquarters in the City of Long Beach just minutes from the L.A. Fresh Produce Market and the LA and Long Beach port facilities. We run a 24/7 schedule using only DLJ employees. We have a secured truck yard, our administrative departments, and two of our managing partners right here working for you. Our facilities are anchored by a 46,000 sq.ft. refrigerated warehouse using 10 dock high loading doors.

Our Fresno DLJ office sits in right in the heart of the fertile San Joaquin Valley.
A founding partner manages the operation. The DLJ procurement staff stays in constant touch with the leading grower/shippers in the area, making sure you getall of the freshest, finest quality grapes and tree fruits that you need. Our staff also enjoys unprecedented access, runningfield and packing house inspections before produce is purchased.

Designed to insure the finest produce quality and food safety, the DLJ building and operation is HACCP certified with a Superior rating for 2007 with Scientific Certification Systems for both domestic and Europe standards. We have also earned a food safety Superior rating with Primus Labs for the past several years.