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Employer Introduction

Edenworks is creating a scalable local food supply. Our automated, vertical, indoor aquaponic farms grow delicious and nutritious produce and seafood using 95% less water and energy than conventional farming. We are in the process of launching our flagship farm in Brooklyn, NY which will supply produce to local NYC Whole Foods stores. Grow with us @EdenworksGrows or visit us @ edenworks.org

Top-chef quality, 365 days a year

How do you get the most flavorful local produce year round? By harnessing the power of technology and ecology. Natural ecosystems maximize the taste and nutritional value of our produce, every day, year round. 

No pesticides. No chemicals. Non-GMO

We don’t use genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.
By matching world-class safety standards with robust, natural ecosystems, we ensure healthy plant growth for healthy humans.