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Employer Summary

Greg, Monica , and Joshua Willems are the owners of Farm To Table Berries. Greg and Monica both come from deep family-farming roots. Greg's relatives farmed in Germany and Russia before coming to the U.S. Monica's relatives farmed in Germany and Brazil before coming to the U.S.  During the summer months, Monica would pack tree fruit at various packing houses while Greg helped his dad irrigate and cultivate the orchards and vineyards. Joshua is the next generation at Farm To Table Berries.

Greg has always admired how his Grandpa farmed and produced some of the best grapes. Grandpas' legacy of detailed farming and producing the best crops has been carried out in Farm To Tables' daily operation. Greg Worked on his family farm until college came, performing various tasks including growing table grapes, stone fruit, & raisins. Farming has been a passion in his family since 1899 when his relatives migrated to Fresno California to specifically grow grapes and alfalfa. Greg attended Fresno State University with a major in Plant Science and minor AG Business. In his Senior year in college one of his professors thought that blueberries would grow well in the San Joaquin Valley, and that people would enjoy having fresh blueberries in the spring...  So, Greg leased 7 acres and planted various varieties of blueberries, not knowing what was going to happen. That was the start of his career.

After college he branched out on his own with the dream of being one of the largest blueberry shippers in California. After 3 years of growing blueberries he discovered there was an art to growing the plants and producing quality fruit. After a challenging growing season, he decided to search out an expert that could provide the correct information on growing the plants.  Greg met the owner of Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery in 2001, and became the plant representative for California. Working with Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery, and having the passion for growing blueberries,  Farm To Table Berries operation has grown to one of largest blueberry grower, packer, and shippers in the west coast.