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Fillmore-Piru Citrus

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Employer Introduction

It started as a dream.  The dusty, windswept Santa Clara Valley would one day be "a vast fruit orchard."  That dream took shape in 1897 when seven bold pioneers united to form a cooperative:  the Fillmore Citrus Fruit Association.  From the very beginning they set out to grow the finest citrus in the world.  Essential to this new venture was a grower-owned packing house.  This would ensure that the citrus would be packed and shipped to protect that just-picked freshness.

Today that dream has not only endured, it has flourished.  Our deep company roots produce the highest quality.  That time-tested process makes sure the citrus arrives fresh, fragrant and juicy good.  Yes, it's a journey that has taken us over a 100 years to perfect… but only a moment for you to savor.