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About Us

As a recognized leader in the apple industry for over 40 years, FirstFruits Farms is a premier grower, packer and shipper with more than 6,000 acres of apples and cherries. Our business philosophy seeks to connect the organization, and its employees, to a larger purpose of service to others. FirstFruits is truly a community of people connected by a common mission: 'bearing fruit that will last'.


FirstFruits Farms is dedicated to growing the highest quality apples and cherries in the industry.

FirstFruits Farms grows over 15 varieties of apples, and cherries spread across over 6,000 acres in Eastern Washington.

We are unique in the industry because our fruit is grown, stored and packed at the same location—a practice unmatched in our industry. With this, we have greater control over the quality and safety of our products.

Our main orchard is located in Prescott, Washington and is one of the largest contiguous orchard in the United States.

It covers more than 4,300 acres in a virtually frost-free micro-climate, stretching for nearly 10 miles along the Snake River. Dedicated year-round crews care for the trees in this ideal location. It means consistently high quality fruit. This main orchard is complemented by the ever-growing acreage located in Wallula, and Benton City, WA with both conventional and organic fruit production.