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When it comes to your well-being, our leafy greens pack a healthy punch – delivering a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and natural benefits. Additionally, our clean growing techniques never expose your food to chemicals or GMOs, and they eliminate causes of food poisoning associated with leafy vegetables. We care about you, and make sure that our produce reflects it. 


We grow all of our produce at our indoor hydroponics farm. Plants get nurtured to maturity without environmental stress, which means that they stay incredibly tender and full of flavor. More than that, they are delivered to stores within 24 hours of being harvested, so you will always get the freshest greens, which stay tasty for longer than those of our competitors. 


When you purchase FreshBox Farms’ greens you can be sure that your food was grown sustainably. Our farm uses 99% less water and land than traditional agriculture, and is placed hyperlocal to our partner stores. This eliminates unnecessary and polluting transportation and reduces our carbon footprint.

Hydroponic Enclosures

All of our produce is grown hydroponically in specially outfitted enclosures. Each unit operates on its own as a fully sustainable farm with its environment carefully managed through mechanical and digital controls. This means year-round quality food production without the need to transport food cross-country. A clean growing environment also means no need for pesticides or herbicides.


Our seedlings start off as tiny little plants neatly contained in cork-sized blocks. We grow all of our seedlings ourselves from carefully selected, non-GMO seeds. From there they are planted in our hydroponics system and nurtured, to grow to larger full sized plants for harvest.

Growing More, Using Less

Sustainable, pure, and healthy agriculture. FreshBox Farms is changing the way we farm: reducing our ecological footprint; shortening distances from production to consumption – providing people with fresher, healthier, tastier produce.