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Employer Introduction

Fresh Tex Produce has been in business for nearly 20 years.  Our commitment is to ensure that the effort and development of Our People to ensure the Highest Quality Standards.

At Freshtex you are treated like family. Once you meet your sales goal for the week, you go home, no pressure, get to spend more time with family.

“Its a nice environment, everyone works well with each other.”

We are a South Texas wholesaler of Tropical fruits. Fresh Tex Produce has long been your one reliable stop from Limes to Mangos, and now adding a new vegetable line including broccoli, cabbage, carrots and  cucumber.  We represent a multitude of growers from all regions of Mexico which enables us to have a year round supply of all your produce needs. All our growers are GFS Certified and work diligently with us on traceability and safety regulations. Our commitment to our customer is second to none where we stand behind our product and we give our customers nothing but the best of service.