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Frieda’s, Inc.

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Welcome to Frieda’s Inc...

For 50 years, specialty produce wholesaler Frieda’s Inc. has been famously innovating unusual and exotic fruits and vegetables in supermarket produce departments. If you like Kiwifruit, Elephant Garlic, Pine Nuts, Sunchokes®, Purple Potatoes or Habanero chiles, you can thank Frieda’s Inc. for its role in introducing them to the supermarket shelves. Frieda Rapoport Caplan, 88, is the founder of Frieda’s Specialty Produce. She began the small company in 1962 in the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market (the first woman business owner there), where she quickly gained a reputation for being open to buying and selling unusual fruits and veggies.

The Frieda’s family includes 75-plus employees and is based in Los Alamitos, California. Frieda’s markets and distributes more than 600 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and gourmet items to supermarkets, foodservice and wholesalers across North America.