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Fru-Veg Marketing, Inc.

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Employer Introduction

Fru-Veg Marketing, Inc., is one of the nation’s leading importers of fine produce from the best growers of Europe and Latin America.  The company’s philosophy is founded on the principle of selecting the finest growers in each region.  By representing only the top growers each region has to offer, it is able to offer unrivaled quality and volume.  Fru-Veg’s success stems from surpassing the benchmarks of its competitors and working closely with its customers to meet their needs on a year-round basis.  Through quality and consistency, it ensures that all customers receive the maximum shelf life of products.  This, coupled with the constant flow of marketing ideas and product development, has enabled Fru-Veg to launch and maintain a variety of products, from the flourishing Petit Gourmet line of pre-packed vegetables, to organically grown green asparagus.

Annual visits to each grower in Europe, Central and South America allows Fru-Veg to build new partnerships, reinforce deep-rooted ones and discover new products.  Its work begins in the fields where solid relationships are forged with growers whose dedication to the quality of their product meets with the company’s expectations.  Equally important are regularly scheduled personal visits to major chain stores in the U.S. and Canada, where Fru-Veg develops seasonal programs with its customers.