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80% of the global working population - 2.7 billion people - are “deskless” workers, with agriculture making up the largest single segment at nearly 900 million. Just in the last five years, most of those deskless workers acquired their first cell phone. In the US, approximately 90 percent of farmworkers have a smart phone now. And yet, growers still manage their workforce using phone calls, clipboards and paperwork.

 Here in the U.S. an estimated $3.1B in fresh produce is left in the field due to a worsening farmworker labor shortage as farmworkers leave the industry. Turnover on many farms is very high. Growers are having to do more with fewer people. And farmworkers don't have it easy either--sexual harassment and injury rates are higher than most industries, and even if wages are good during peak season, annual earnings for farmworker families are among the lowest in the nation.

Ganaz is a workforce management platform for agriculture that addresses shared pain points between employers and workers, in a way that makes a real difference for both.