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A History Of Quality
Throughout the 1900’s the majority of Amish families made their living from farming. By the turn of the century, due to inflation, skyrocketing land prices, and highly mechanized agriculture, less than 10 percent were full time farmers.

Green Field Farms is dedicated to sustainable agriculture for the horse farming communities of Amish and conservative Mennonite people. The organization was founded in 2003 by a small group of Amish farmers and businessmen with a concern for our future generations. The cooperative was formed to revitalize our family farms by providing customers fresh and nutritious food, and a brand you can trust.

Green Field Farms is a farmer owned cooperative, marketing certified organic produce, milk, eggs and other products for our Amish farm members. We have a mission to build a brand and an organization that reflects our faith, our values and our way of life. To develop profitable markets to support the plain community and enable it to thrive. We have an enjoyable work environment with a team committed to the organization's success. We value our team member’s contributions, we value and support their family and life goals. You can expect a fun and light atmosphere and a team which works well together. We are innovative and always looking for the most sustainable methods to remain the leader in organic vegetable production in this region.