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Employer Summary

The roots of GreenFruit Avocados were founded in Uruapan, Michoacan in July 2014, with one of the most state-of-the-art avocado packing facilities in the industry today.  Seeing the increase of the global avocado consumption, GreenFruit Avocados has positioned itself to be a direct supplier of Mexican Hass avocados year-round.

We specialize in packing, shipping, and marketing GreenFruit Avocados worldwide, direct to our clients. The advantage of our programs is that we are able to control the harvest, cold chain management, traceability, and quality of fruit that gets packed in every single box, thus making us a fully integrated avocado supplier

In February 2015, GreenFruit Avocados opened its U.S. operations in Newport Beach, CA, where all sales and customized programs are developed. This enabled GreenFruit to work directly with U.S. customers. We understand the diversity of each customer, which is why we custom tailor each individual program.

Consumers, now, are looking to have a healthier lifestyle.  Mother Nature provides many superfoods, with Avocados being one of them. Knowing all the health benefits of avocados; it is our duty at GreenFruit to deliver this product to the consumer at its purest form.