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Employer Introduction

Cali Fresh Produce was founded in 2008 by Adnan Awnallah and Ibrahim Al-Aeli, and is based in Oakland, California. In 2012 they launched a Cali Fresh Produce San Francisco division which was subsequently merged with Growers Produce in 2018. Since then, Grower Produce has been managed by Ibrahim Al-Aeli and is based in South San Francisco City. Both companies will continue to be managed by their current leadership teams in their respective operating cities.

According to Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket: “The Growers Produce and Cali Fresh teams are prominent components of the California local food ecosystem. They work with an incredible variety of California farmers and move an enormous amount of fresh produce for those farmers every day. They are some of the most grass-rooted, ambitious, and hardworking people I have ever met in this space. Together we will build a greater customer base and a stronger supplier network in the food ecosystems of California and nationwide.