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Our on ground buyers are supported by our own in the field and orchards Quality Assurance team performing inspections of product before shipping to insure the best lots are selected in all major growing areas on the West Coast, Northwest, all regions around the country, including major ports of entry such as Long Beach, Philadelphia, Nogales, McAllen, and Miami.
We have evolved into a full service agricultural marketing company. We have experience beginning from putting the seed in the ground to getting it into the shopping cart at the supermarket.
Wesley Crawford founded The Mutual Fruit and Produce Co., a wholesale distribution company in Tacoma, Washington.
Sold The Mutual Fruit and Produce Co., to West Coast Grocery Co.
Founded Wesley Crawford and Son Company, repacking tomatoes and carrots.  
Wesley Crawford passed away and Harold Crawford takes over as President and CEO.
Harold Crawford moves the company to Bakersfield, CA., and opens the first carrot packing plant in Kern County, CA., changing the name to Gro Pak Inc.
Gro Pak Inc. is sold to Belridge Packing Co., Harold was retained as Sales Manager.
Harold Crawford Forms a procurement company names The Harold Crawford Co. to buy for retail and wholesale distributors.
Harvest Crown Co. Inc. is formed to specialize in the importing of Hawaiian, Thailand and Chinese ginger to mainland United States and Europe.
Harvest Crown Company expands product selection to include melons and vegetables and opened a sales and inspection office in Salinas California.
Harvest Crown opened a sales office in the Miami Florida area specializing in sales of imported berries.
Added QC for imported commodities in Philadelphia area and the Northwest.
Added QC in Miami FL and McAllen TX.
Added additional QC in specific California regions.
Added East Coast coverage.
Improved QC systems for quicker reporting. Extra QC added for imported Mexican product.