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Employer Summary

Harvest Santa Barbara is a wholesale produce distribution company based in Carpinteria, CA that is creating a more sustainable food system by helping many of the best farmers in the region bring their produce to market. We deliver to restaurants, grocery stores, schools, home delivery companies and other organizations with a need for fresh, local, and primarily Certified Organic produce. Our standard for exceptional produce and service enables us to serve some of the best chefs and produce sections from Paso Robles to the greater Los Angeles area. 


To be the catalyst for a healthier, more sustainable food system by strengthening the ties between farmers and the community.


We want to be the most trusted source of exquisite, sustainable food from the Santa Barbara County foodshed. We'll provide the best of our local harvest to everyone from chefs planning seasonal menus at our area's finest restaurants to kids picking out lunch in their school cafeteria.

We want to be an ally to farmers, helping them share the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor with our community. We hope to help farmers connect with each other and with those who enjoy what you grow, so that you know your work is making a difference.

We're working with our local farmers to meet the needs of our customers, whether restaurants or large institutions. We try to offer almost every in-season crop that our clients would want to prepare in their kitchens. When a particular crop is not available in our local foodshed, we will work with trusted sources in our greater California foodshed. As Harvest Santa Barbara grows, we'll be able to work with our farmers to tailor their plantings for future seasonal menus.

We might be biased, but we think the Santa Barbara area grows the best food in the country. We want to keep our local harvest local, minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing how far our food travels and how it's taken care of on the journey. And we want to include our entire community in the feast.