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Employer Summary

At HarvestPort, we serve as the trusted partner to both farmers and their suppliers. What started as a platform for sharing equipment has evolved over the last few years into a robust agricultural marketplace that removes barriers to growth from both ends of the supply chain.

Our unique understanding of the industry and expert network of agronomists, advisors, technologists and entrepreneurs allows us to bring farmers and suppliers together in ways that save time and money.

We do this in two ways: Innovation Hub, which shares and amplifies the stories of the most innovative products, services and ag tech solutions on the market; and Marketplace, which offers procurement solutions helping farmers and suppliers better plan their seasonal demand.

We are dedicated to removing barriers in the agricultural supply chain to bring the farmer and the consumer closer, and to helping create a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem. Ultimately, we serve farmers, both organic and conventional, to help them save time and money on the products and services they need, while educating them on new and innovative solutions. We are a small remote team impacting the very large agriculture sector. You’re expected to learn quickly, dive in, test, and adapt. Be hungry and grow...yes, those are Ag industry puns!