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Employer Introduction

HM Clause (formerly Harris Moran Seed Co.) is part of the largest independently owned seed company in the world.  We breed innovative vegetable varieties designed to post yield, reduce chemical inputs, and increase freshness, flavor and quality. 

With each seed purchase, generations of growers have entrusted us with their livelihood, literally banking on us to provide them the best product from plow to plate. It is a trust we honor and uphold by developing new varieties of melons, watermelons, corn, beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkins and countless other vegetables.

Seed only, thank you

Our longevity in this business stems from an unwavering focus - and downright obsession - with two things: access to perhaps the most diverse germplasm pool in the world in which new varieties are developed; and a singular interest in the vegetable seed business, and the vegetable seed business alone.