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Employer Summary

intrexon’s Agricultural Biotechnology Division (ABD) is focused on engineering biology to develop products and solutions for enabling sustainable food production for a growing population. With our precision genetics and precision biological solutions we seek to improve the quality of food and feed while preserving our valuable natural ecosystems - Better World through Better DNA™.  We are seeking a Director, Business Development who is passionate about cutting edge innovations in agriculture better for planet and people.

Why join intrexon
It is estimated the population will reach close to ten billion in the next thirty-five years.  With this continued rise, the present approaches in the energy, nutrition, environment and health are in need of transformational technologies to drive a sustainable path forward for current and future generations. We believe synthetic biology will play a fundamental role solving many challenge such as reducing dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels, increasing agriculture and food productivity, repair environmental damage through bioremediation, as well as redefine incurable diseases. 
We are a community of scientists and creative innovators working to build a safer, healthier planet, and a more promising future.

Our unique expertise is in the design and engineering of astonishing living systems, from T-cells that battle cancer to non-browning apples. Across our diverse portfolio of projects we apply a common philosophy: bring together the greatest minds in synthetic biology and empower them to solve big problems.

What This Means
At Intrexon you will work with a diverse group of colleagues in an atmosphere that is truly empowering. Each person brings a unique skillset - be it immunology, chemical engineering, bioinformatics, plant transformation, oncology, financial expertise and a multitude of others. Everyone’s journey to Intrexon is different, but we are all walking a common path forward.