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J. Marchini Farms

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Employer Introduction

J. Marchini Farms is a fairly new company—founded in 1989—but its roots go back as far as 1920, when Florindo Marchini made the long and uncertain journey from Lucca, Italy. The story of J. Marchini Farms is about family, close friends, and success. Without these, J. Marchini Farms may have never been, and radicchio would never have made it to America's salad bowl.

As J. Marchini Farms growes in its fourth generation of management, it is important to remember that J. Marchini Farms is built on strong values and heritage. Quality, satisfaction, and hard work are timeless attributes which Giampaoli - Marchini possessed 80 years ago, and which have been perpetuated to this day. We are J. Marchini Farms, from our family to yours.