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Employer Introduction

Let us show you what we grow in Mexico, in season, and all year round. Also, what we can offer you and your business in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Our family owned business, AGRICOLA LAS GRANJAS SPR de RL, has had huge success on the National Market since 1982. For thirty years, we have faithfully grown, packed and distributed our Roma Tomato, Serrano Pepper, Bell Pepper, Seedless Watermelon, Papaya, Corn, and other top quality produce which continues to be sold on the National Market.

Our produce was chosen for Excellence, being one of the finest in Mexico. For example, our projected capability of production for export quality during the next six to seven months, (as weather permits), is three to four containers every day.

Recently, I was motivated by my family to open a company, King Produce LLC, in McAllen, TX, where our team will be able to give to our client a 24/7 hour attention. 

Both companies are fully certified. The original Mexican company, AGRICOLA LAS GRANJAS SPR de RL, has certifications from SAGARPA, and from Mexican government. Our new American company, KING PRODUCE LLC, has the PACA LICENSE and also is on the Blue book.