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LGS Specialty Sales, Ltd.

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Industry leader and supporter

LGS Specialty Sales, Ltd. is a four star, A-rated importer of fresh fruits and vegetables, with an industry wide reputation for innovation and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in produce quality, packaging, service and food safety.

The company, which was founded over 21 years ago, is best known for introducing clementines from Spain to U.S. consumers. Today, LGS is a leading importer of clementines and other citrus, not only from Spain, but also from South Africa, Peru and Chile, and of course, the U.S..

What's more, LGS has added other premium produce to its core group of commodities -- including Hass avocados and grapes. Our purpose is always to provide our retail partners with a profitable year-round supply of product by importing from places with complementary growing seasons.

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