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Employer Introduction

The Best of Nature

As America's largest field tomato grower, we love that the fruits of our labor are a part of so many people's daily lives. We’re Earth-conscious family farmers, tomato experts, freshness freaks with a passion to deliver the very best of nature.

Refreshingly Dependable

At Lipman Family Farms, it’s our goal to be North America’s dependable source of fresh tomatoes and vegetables. Using strategically located farms and a seamless packing and distribution network (Lipman Logistics), we create the freshest solutions. From seed to delivery, Lipman Family Farms is with you every step of the way. Top down, we take pride in our ability to deliver fresh produce year-round, ensuring that your needs – and your customer’s demands – are always met. – Kent Shoemaker, CEO

A Rich Heritage

When Max Lipman planted his first tomato in the 1930’s, he had the modest goal of simply providing for his family. Since the first seed was planted, the times – and even our company’s name – have changed, but the core values have always remained the same: building lasting relationships with our customers, being responsible with our natural resources and the health and wellbeing of our people and families. Following the same fundamental practices Max did more than 80 years ago, Lipman Family Farms has grown into the largest field tomato grower in North America – a title we don’t take lightly. As your trusted industry partner, Lipman Family Farms ensures that fresh and flavorful produce is available when you need it.

Safe & Sound

Lipman Family Farms' comprehensive food safety program encompasses our entire farming and packing operation. That’s why we’re confident in our ability to provide fresh produce that meets the highest standards of quality. All of our company managers and key personnel have been educated and certified in food safety standards. Bottom line: When you work with Lipman Family Farms, you can be confident that your produce is not only fresh and delicious – it’s also safe, healthy and clean.

Geographically Diverse and Hyper Local

The more places you grow, the better you grow. So, to ensure availability of quality produce 24/7/365, Lipman Family Farms is geographically diverse. With more than 30 locations to farm, pack and ship produce throughout North America, we grow year-round in optimal conditions that allow for the highest yield per plant. Another benefit: it cuts down on miles driven, reducing both transportation costs and environmental effects. Geographic diversity also helps us support local sourcing programs. Through our “Lipman Local” initiative, we partner with smaller, seasonal farms and sub-suppliers, sharing best practices.

Good Seed, Great Varieties

To develop plants that not only bear nutrient-rich and flavorful fruit, but also produce a high-yielding crop, Lipman Family Farms has invested millions in research and development. To develop better and more sustainable hybrids, our scientists begin at the beginning – with the seed. The process, which typically takes about seven years, goes from seed to lab to field and back again over several growing cycles, repeating itself until stable parental lines are produced. Hybrids are tested across the country and carefully analyzed for desired traits. In Naples, 100 million seedlings are produced each year – while on thousands of acres of Lipman farms across the country, 30 of our proprietary hybrids are grown simultaneously. The work is painstaking, but it has paid off: Lipman Family Farms' proprietary varieties have created a superior, better tasting product, significantly increasing yields while measurably decreasing inputs.