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Employer Introduction

At Living Greens, we’re dreamers. And even more importantly, we’re doers. Headquartered in the Minnesota heartland where crops only grow a few months each year—we knew we could find a better way.

Revolutionary Air-Grown technology. Grounded in Midwest farming tradition.

Aeroponics is a revolutionary, indoor vertical farming approach that allows us to grow fresh greens and herbs 365 days a year—even when fields are scorched by heat or temperatures plummet below zero.
Until now, Midwesterners have had to rely mostly on shipping fresh greens thousands of miles—usually from California. That takes time, as much as two weeks! This reduces freshness, lowers nutrition, compromises taste and generates pollution. And that’s not all, at Living Greens, all our lettuces and herbs are grown with no pesticides herbicides or GMOS. Plus, they require 95% less water, 95% less shipping and 99% less land! So customers get a lot MORE healthy freshness and taste, with a lot LESS impact on the planet.

Better taste. Better place.

Our farm gives Midwesterners access to fresh greens year-round. We envision a day that no matter where you live in the U.S., 365-day greens grown near you are a reality for all. Changing the world for the better starts with one person, one bite and one Living Greens salad at a time.

Welcome to the table.